Automatic Commercial Clothes Dryer 13kg

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Product introduction

Commercial Clothes Dryer Features:

Volumetric load ratio:

The volume load ratio of the oasis dryer drum is 1:20, and the loading capacity is much higher than similar products; the large volume load has a high specific heat energy utilization rate, fast drying speed, high efficiency and energy saving!

High-quality Inner drum design:

High-quality stainless steel, exquisite and beautiful processing technology, strong corrosion resistance, durable!The well-designed mesh diameter is 4mm, which effectively avoids the damage of clothing accessories and zipper heads, which also highlights the professionalism and practicality of product design! 

High-quality Inner drum

Humidity control system of commercial dryer machine:

Optional humidity control system can accurately control the drying time of the linen by monitoring the humidity of the roller and the linen in real time; when the linen reaches the set humidity value, the machine automatically enters the cooling air cooling state, thereby better saving drying Drying time and heat energy reduce unnecessary excessive drying and energy waste caused by ordinary dryers relying on employees' artificial control of time. It is the perfect choice for laundry shop and factory users to save energy, reduce emissions and improve efficiency!

Wind wheel design:

Using high-end ultra-light aerospace alloy material wheel, die-casting molding, light weight and long life, never deformed, low operating load, large air volume and low noise!

Automatic Dryer Wind wheel

Commercial dryers pulley:

Using high-performance aerospace titanium-magnesium alloy material, never rust, high strength, high precision, more stable and reliable operation!

13kg Energy Efficient Tumble Dryer Pulley

Fan Drive model:

Single motor direct drive mode, without belt, reliable use, low maintenance cost, long service life; no need to replace belt and other cumbersome maintenance

Fan Drive

Loading door design:

The large loading door has a diameter of 1007mm and a large opening of the door, which can reach a maximum of 1800, and it is more convenient and quicker to load and unload linen. The drum will automatically stop when opening the door, safe and reliable! Equipped with tempered sight glass!

Commercial Dryer Loading door

Heating elements:

Using 316L high-quality and high-corrosion stainless steel super energy-saving and high-efficiency heater, compared with copper heaters, corrosion resistance is stronger, and the service life can be extended by more than 3 times!

Heating elements

Commercial washing machine cooling device:

Equipped with the latest automatic cooling device, the cooling speed is super-fast, effectively shortening the drying cycle, extending the service life of linen, and improving the operating environment!

Control system design:

The design and installation position of the computer board is more scientific and reasonable, which is ergonomic and convenient for manual operation. Fully automatic computer program, precise setting of running time, temperature, stop / turn time, can provide multiple sets of automatic program selection, to ensure that linen clothes under accurately control drying process according to the set humidity and temperature.

Tumble Dryer Control system

Transmission system safety protection design:

Fully enclosed protective design, dust and noise reduction, and ensure safe production!

Transmission system safety protection

Protective device design:

1. Equipped with an automatic shutdown device for opening the fluff door, which effectively protects the safety of employees' operations;
2. Equipped with fluff blocking protection device to avoid energy waste caused by fluff clogging;
3. Equipped with motor overload protection device to avoid motor damage caused by overload operation.

Protective device

Commercial Laundry Equipment Technical Parameters

Technical Data Sheet

Technical parameter chart

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