Oasis High Speed Folding Machine


Product Details

Product introduction


Functional features: horizontal twice, vertical three times

Equipped with two anti-static rods, multiple measures to eliminate static electricity;

Equipped with automatic speed matcher, it can adjust speed synchronously with the flat iron machine automatically.

3/4 fold fault automatically back cloth grass function, avoid damage cloth grass and cause a stop in operation;

Multi-stage safety interlock and protection device;

Fault diagnosis control, when working can be blocked alarm;                                                          

Maintenance bridge with guardrail, convenient for quick maintenance;

Heavy duty motors and clutches ensure accurate braking and high-speed continuous operation;

Upper and lower split structure, when the equipment is moving or moving, the left and right discharge port can be adjusted dynamically;

1-4 channels are available for small cloth grass folding;

1-2 station stacker is optional.


Maximum folding widthmm3300
Folding timesTimeshorizontal twice, vertical three times
Number of folding channelsPcs1-4
Folding speedM/min0-50
Rated frequencyHz50-60
Rated powerV380
Driving motor powerKW1.8
Operating pressure of compressed airMpa0.7
Total weightkg2200

Note: the direction of exit must be indicated