OASIS High-efficiency Multi-function Suction Blast Ironing Table


Product Details

Product introduction

Capacity as followings:

TCW-1400×500II (without external generator)

TCZ-1400×500II (with external generator)

Technical Data

Clean water pump powerKw/0.08
Heater powerKw0.553.5
Fan powerKw0.550.55
Suction pressurepa—140
Blast pressurePa140
Table sizemm1380×490
Steam supplyKg/h4-54-5
Net weightKg160
Packing weightKg50
Water consumptionL/3
steam pressureMpa0.3-0.6
Steam consumptionKg/h5/
Lighting powerKw0.036
Loading capacityKw0.555.1
Power consumptionKw/h0.53
Package dimensionsmm1730×700×1350
Steam outlet sizeInchG1/2
Steam inlet sizeInchG1/4
Outlet sizeInchG3/4
Water inlet sizeInch/G1/2
Power linemm²1.52.5

Main functions

(1)Gathering advanced process structure and manufacturing technology, it is a multi-functional advanced ironing platform that integrates suction, blast ironing, and stain removal functions. It is used for ironing all kinds of high-end clothes, which significantly improves the quality of ironing.。

(2)Equipped with steam stain removal gun and stainless steel stain removal countertop, during the ironing process, stain removal treatment can be carried out at any time, improving work efficiency, convenient and fast。

(3)The table is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, with strong corrosion resistance, which effectively improves the service life and ironing quality of the equipment. It is also equipped with a unique countertop heating device, which can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of clothes ironing caused by the residual water stains on the countertop, and the damage to the tablecloth and sponge caused by the countertop moisture.。

(4)The table height can be adjusted freely according to the height and operating habits of the operator.

(5)It can realize double-sided operation, humanized design, suitable for different people's operation habits.

(6)Imported sponges are used.

(7)Equipped with lighting facilities, ironing steam line sliding device, stainless steel steam iron and iron tray, ironing operation is more convenient. In addition, you can choose dual-purpose heating and steam iron。

(8)Equipped with two types of self-contained steam generator and external steam, of which the self-contained steam type has a fast steam generation speed, no external steam generator is needed, saving space and eliminating the need for steam pipeline connection.

(9)The suction blast is easy to convert and easy to use. It is an ideal multi-function ironing equipment for ironing high-end cloth clothes.

(10)The design is fashionable and luxurious, exquisitely manufactured, economical and practical, and has superior performance.