All You Need To Know About Barrier Washers

Feb. 26, 2021

All You Need To Know About Barrier Washers

There are quite a few different types of laundry equipment, each designed for different applications and to meet specific needs. There is a kind of equipment that is specially designed for a specific purpose, that is, a barrier washer.

The so-called barrier washing machine is to completely isolate the contaminated and unwashed clothing from the washed and disinfected clothing, and establish a completely closed and substantial partition between the contaminated area and the isolated area.

How do the barrier washers work?

Most barrier washers are very simple to operate, and their working methods are surprisingly simple. These washers have a physical wall separating the loading and unloading ends. People who use washing machines put dirty clothes on one side and take them out from the other side after washing.

What is the difference between barrier washers and other types of washers?

Unlike standard washers, barrier washers are specifically designed to effectively separate clean and dirty linen and fabric, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Where are the barrier washers used?

In hospitals and other health care environments where hygiene, cleanliness, and infection control are critical priorities, so it is particularly necessary to separate clean and disinfected clothing from contaminated and dirty clothing.

If the patient’s bedsheets, clothing, or any other fabrics in contact with other patients, cross-contaminated may cause serious or even fatal health consequences.

OASIS barrier washer has three capacity options, that is, 35kg OASIS Barrier Washer, 60kg OASIS Barrier Washer, and 110kg OASIS Barrier Washer.

A barrier washer extractor is the main requirement of the health care sector. With their superior quality and durability, these barrier washers and extractors are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the healthcare sector.

What is the main function of the barrier washer extractor?

The main function of the barrier washer extractor is to separate clean, disinfected, and tidy clothes from the messy, contaminated, and dirty clothes in the hospital from any other department to avoid the spread of many infectious diseases.

How can barrier washer-extractors help avoid microbial contamination?

In hospitals and health care sectors, the rate of microbial contamination is very high. Therefore, pay special attention to the laundry to prevent contamination. The risk of contamination or recontamination associated with the clothing of patients and staff is high. The barrier washer extractor is the concept of a sanitary barrier with a biological pollution control system. The door designed to prevents contaminated and disinfected clothing from contact.


Double-sided loading and unloading, equipped with a front dirty door and rear clean door, to achieve complete separation of clean and dirty operations, and meet the requirements of sanitary washing.

Super soft perforation technology, the surface in contact with the fabric is treated with special matt care, meeting the requirements of fine washing of the fabric.

All parts in contact with the medium or fabric are made of high-quality stainless steel and isolated steam heating coils to reduce secondary pollution.

The key components are all imported well-known brands, which effectively guarantees the long-term stable operation of the whole machine.

The design and structure of the whole machine are exquisite and beautiful, designed and manufactured in accordance with European high standards, and can be used in ultra-clean laundry rooms and medical laundry rooms.

All You Need To Know About Barrier Washers

All You Need To Know About Barrier Washers

All You Need To Know About Barrier Washers