Features Of Oasis Stack Washer and Dryer

Mar. 23, 2021

Features Of Oasis Stack Washer and Dryer

As the self-service laundromat becoming more and more popular in Asia and Southeast Asia, the energy consumption of commercial laundry equipment will be one of the big costs for investors to take into account in the investment procedure of a laundry. Oasis stacked washer and dryer is designed and made for this, high energy efficiency undeniably contributes to positive financial results. Therefore, investors can expect an acceleration in the rate of return on investment.

The following are some of the features of the oasis stack washer dryer:

Industrial axial flow design with powerful airflow.

2 point roller system.

Heavy-duty suspension absorber.

350G Force washer extraction capability.

Energy-saving DC motor technology.

Single-phase for ease of installation.

Multiple Payment Options.

The selection of washing machine and dryer depends on your laundry needs. If you usually have a small amount of laundry to wash with limited space, a compact, stack washer dryer is the best.

The Oasis Stack washer dryer is carefully designed to provide the best washing quality and improve drying performance. The soft installation washer dryer is easy to install, without the need for the concrete foundation. In addition, due to its double-stack design, the building area used is also reduced in order to obtain maximum space utilization. The Oasis dryer has a 3D axial air intake design, fans have sufficient air volume, and the air duct design is reasonable and smooth to accelerate airflow and quickly remove moisture. Therefore, while consuming the same energy, the drying time of Oasis dryers is shorter than other same types of dryers. In terms of energy consumption, it can save up to 30%. The dryer features high heat penetration and a greater evaporation rate to ensure the shortest drying time required for each load.

In addition, washing machines designed by Oasis Stack washer and dryer are driven and refined by the user-oriented evaluation that focuses on simplicity to maximize the user’s laundry experience.

We cannot admit that the use of self-service laundry equipment (vended laundry machines) had significant expansion during the past three to five years, although it will bring a lot of benefit for the investor, like cut the labor costs and overcome the work time limits, the question of how to operate and maintain the laundry is significant for the investor to consider. Therefore, Don not hesitated any more! please contact Jinan oasis laundry equipment co.,ltd, we do not only provide laundry machines but laundry investment solutions.

Features Of Oasis Stack Washer and Dryer

Features Of Oasis Stack Washer and Dryer

Features Of Oasis Stack Washer and Dryer