Held a New Product Lunch Event From March 29 To March 31

Apr. 19, 2021

Jinan Oasis Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment Company held a new product lunch event from March 29 to March 31 at our new factory. This year, the event covers Oasis’s new product introduction, a visit to Oasis’s new factory, and a sharing session from our long-term partners.

Stacked laundry units

Stacked laundry units

Oasis has launched a wide range of innovative, high-tech equipment, including dry cleaning machines, laundry machines, wet cleaning machines, dryers, barrier washers, ironing, and folding, etc. Three models were highlighted in the event. First, the HMS160 series multi-solvent dry cleaning machine. This machine adopts a suspension structure and shock absorber imported from Germany. It does not require foundation fixation, which expands its use case in more scenarios. Its drying time is less than half of the traditional dry cleaning machines, with a rotate speed as high as 1000 rpm and a much higher solvent drying rate. With a new type of heat recirculating drying device, this product meets the world-leading standard in energy conservation and pollution reduction, no need for water and saving energy around by 50%. The most significant breakthrough is the machine can filter and purify solvent while drying, thereby effectively improving the cleaning capability of solvent. The minimum model of this series has a width of only 960mm, which is an ideal choice for limited laundry space.

Commercial washing machines from OASIS

Commercial washing machines from OASIS

The full suspension high-speed washing machine is another innovative model with full stainless steel, effectively enhancing its durability. The machine adopts non-water distribution technology, saving around 30% water and improving cleaning capability markedly. The non-water distribution technology requires a stable suspension structure and advanced technique in processing the inner drum, main shaft, and bearing seat. Ordinary washing machines equipped with non-water distribution leverage the tension of water to enable an even distribution of clothes inside the drum to avoid severe vibration caused by the unbalanced load. Thereby, ordinary washing machines which are not thronged enough are incapable of non-water distribution technology. The use of non-water distribution technology in Oasis machines further reflects our industry-leading position.

Another flagship model is Oasis medical isolation washing machine. It is available in multiple capacities (25/35/60/110kg) and has many competitive advantages in design and processing techniques. First, a front-loading and back-unloading structure enables complete physical isolation. Second, it is equipped with a touch control system with more than 50 auto programs. Third, it adopts air springs and shock absorbers imported from Germany; a triple lock safety door, as well as the use of LED lights. Last but not least, professional variable-frequency drives can meet the needs of various rotate speeds.

Oasis hygienic barrier washer

Oasis hygienic barrier washer

After the new product lunch event, visitors took a tour around Oasis’s new factory and CNC assembly line. Oasis has a complete set of CNC processing facilities imported from Japan AMADA, including automatic punching and shearing equipment, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, robotic welding machine, etc.



On the other hand, Oasis has been insisting on mold production for many years, laying the foundation for consistent technical breakthroughs and solid R&D ability. The non-mark spinning inner drum molding technique is one of the representative examples of Oasis mold production.

Mr. Yang from Cixi Feifan Laundry Factory shared his positive experience with Oasis products. Mr. Yang bought a 100kg washing machine four years ago. He has found four competitive advantages of the Oasis machines over other brands. First, the Oasis washing machine adopts a maintenance-free technique of the main shaft and bearing, no need to add oil. Second, the machine uses a more powerful motor to improve washing efficiency and capability. Though more powerful, the motor consumes little power given that it’s a variable-frequency drive. Third, the non-water distribution technology saves energy and effectively reduces two to three times of batt and fluff as well as other particulate adhesion after linen washing, while also saving 1/3 of washing water. Fourth, the machine has higher dehydration power, greatly reducing the moisture of linens and thus, saving time and energy for drying and ironing.


Mr. Yang further talked about his experience with Oasis's high-efficient gas dryer. Six years ago, he was initially attracted by the appearance of the dryer and first bought a 50kg machine, following by four 100kg machines. It takes 40 to 45 minutes to dry a load, and the natural gas consumption is less than eight cubic meters.

Lastly, Mr. Yang shared his experience with the Oasis gas ironing machine. The ironing roller is made of special synthetic material; 10mm thickness can store energy well so it can heat linens evenly. As the burner is controllable and it uses a new generation of heating technology, linens will not turn yellow after ironing.


Though the worldwide pandemic has been lasting for a year, Oasis export sales have been increasing steadily to more than 70 countries and regions. Just like what has been demonstrated in this event, Oasis has always adhered to quality with a mission to bring better commercial laundry equipment to worldwide customers.