How to choose the laundry equipment?

Oct. 27, 2021

The selection of laundry equipment needs to consider your actual situation, according to the industry standards and norms, etc. The maintenance requirements for laundry equipment include regular inspection, disinfection, and moisture control. Oasis Laundry Company will explain it in detail for you.

How to choose the laundry equipment?cid=4

The choice of laundry equipment according to the needs of different industries


1. We need to choose the product according to our actual situation. Only in this way can we better improve efficiency and make our laundry work more efficient and convenient, so that more customers are satisfied. Because in some industries, our laundry equipment is quite important. It can significantly improve our work efficiency, can save a lot of time and energy for everyone, so that can better serve everyone.


2. Each industry has its own standards and specifications. We need to choose professional software and professional equipment to ensure that our work is carried out more efficiently. At the same time, we can also ensure that our work is more sustainable and normal, and will not have too many problems and impacts.


3. The laundry workload in hotels, laundries, schools, hospitals, and other places is quite large. So these places need to choose the right products in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.


4. Choose the products of large manufacturers with perfect after-sales service, so that if problems arise you can solve them in time.


How to choose the right equipment for the laundry?


Washing and stripping machines, dryers, ironing machines are the necessary cleaning equipment for laundry rooms. This cleaning equipment usually needs to be equipped with a heating device. Each laundry staff has a different opinion on whether to use electricity or a steam generator for heating.


In order to reduce the initial investment, many laundries have chosen to use electric heating laundry equipment rather than install high-temperature cleaning steam generators and steam pipes. Although the use of the electric heating method seems to have a low upfront investment cost, the actual operating costs are high. However, steam-powered equipment consumes only ten percent of the electricity used for electric heating.


In addition, the steam generator is clearly better in terms of washing results. The high-temperature steam generated by the steam generator works in a unique way, not only to clean and stretch clothes but also to remove wrinkles and odors. It is more comfortable to use. All of this is impossible to do with electric heating.


This shows that the use of a high-temperature cleaning steam generator as a power source is more advantageous. Only laundry equipment that provides real benefits such as energy and water savings can be loved by laundries for a long time and become the preferred purchasing product.


What are the characteristics of the equipment in the laundry equipment?


1. Dry cleaning machine series

Including the use of different solvents dry cleaning machines, such as tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine, brominated carbon dry cleaning machine, oil dry cleaning machine, liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaning machine, fluorine dry cleaning machine, etc. According to their technical indicators, the above dry cleaning machines can be divided into open dry cleaning machines, fully enclosed dry cleaning machines, and the fifth generation of dry cleaning machines.


2. Washing machine series

Including a single washing machine, dehydration machine and water washing and drying machine suction channel continuous washing machine, and its integrated suction channel automatic washing system. Water washing and drying machine according to their performance can be divided into different gravity fixed and full suspension types.


3. Dryer series

Including exhaust dryer, compound air duct dryer, intelligent dryer, etc. Exhaust dryers can be divided into two types of top blowing type and bottom suction type according to their different structures. According to the air, the duct state can be divided into the axial air duct and warp air duct type.


4. Ironing machine series

Including a straight heat roller ironing machine, slot heat roller ironing machine, light board folder machine, portrait ironing machine all kinds of special clothing folder ironing machine, etc.


5. Folding machine series

Including general folding machine, special folding machine, folding conveyor, laminating machine, etc.


6. Auxiliary machinery series

Including ironing platform, stain removal table, small steam generator, clothing delivery machinery, etc.