Successfully Held a Medical Cleaning And Disinfection Technology Conference And Exhibition

Apr. 27, 2021

National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management has successfully held a meeting and exhibition about medical cleaning and disinfection in Zibo, Shandong Province. This meeting specifically emphasized China’s laws and regulations in the medical cleaning and disinfection industry.

The hygienic barrier washer made by Oasis shown in the exhibition and was highly appreciated and recognized by relevant industry experts.

People may know hygienic barrier washer and tunnel washer are most widely used in Medical textile washing, but when you should select a hygienic barrier washer? Here are our suggestions:

You don’t have such a large amount of washing textile to guarantee the all-time operation of the tunnel washer.

You have special composite medical materials of laundry which will be damaged by washing using a tunnel washer.

You have Maternal and infant washing laundry.

You have special and contagious laundry.

If you meet one of the above requirements, you should install a barrier washer to your medical washing plant.

The main function of barrier washer is that it prevents cross-contamination: they play a significant role in infection and disease control in hospitals, nursing facilities, pharmaceutical factories, and other required dust-free washing places. As the name suggests, barrier washers are separated by panels or walls which required by the relevant standard, so they are the only connection between two completely independent rooms; In these cases, the risk comes from the fact that many people live in the same space at the same time and some of them are likely to be carriers of the disease will be successfully prevented.

Barrier Washer

Barrier Washer

Barrier Washer

Barrier Washer