Oasis Medical Barrier Washer Extractor

Jan. 27, 2021

Oasis Medical Barrier Washer Extractor

There are some advantages to the Washer extractor.

Advantage introduction:

1. Double-sided loading and unloading, with front dirty door and rear clean door designed to completely isolate clean and dirty operations to meet hygiene washing requirements.

2. All parts in contact with the medium or fabric are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has stronger corrosion resistance.

3. Using super soft perforation technology, the surfaces in contact with the fabric are treated with special matt care to meet the fineness of the fabric washing requirements.

4. Adopt German imported shock-absorbing airbags and shock-absorbing components to ensure smoother operation of the equipment and extremely low noise.

5. High-end touch screen controller, which can edit more than 50 sets of automatic programs, and supports program upgrade through U disk and copy.

6. It adopts a new air drum type door opening brake system, which is light and flexible, has a very fast response speed and higher accuracy.

And the running noise is small, stable, and reliable. Traditional isolated washing machines generally use a brake-type brake structure.

The structure is awkward, and the operation is very noisy, and the failure rate is also high.

7. The safety door lock adopts brand-new patented technology and double safety protection, which can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators.

8. The world's first LED light source visual technology, the washing process is clear at a glance. And other washing machines do not have visual lights.

Oasis Medical Barrier Washer Extractor

The internal washing process cannot be observed.

9. Adopt a professional-grade frequency conversion controller to realize rapid linear rise and conversion of speed, and increase the stability. It is difficult to match the traditional conventional inverter with the motor and the computer board just right, so when it enters the high voltage, the speed tends to increase sharply, leading to instability of high-off.

10. The isolation elution machine of other domestic washing machine manufacturers is generally below 600 rpm, while the high desorption speed of the Oasis isolation elution machine can reach more than 650 rpm, which greatly increases the washing degree of the fabric and the drying rate of the fabric. It can save the energy consumption of the later drying.

11. The international sliding door design makes the operation and use more convenient and safer.

12. The design and structure of the whole machine are exquisite and beautiful. It is designed and manufactured according to European high standards and can be used in ultra-clean laundry rooms and medical laundry rooms.

The advantages of the performance configuration of the Oasis isolator compared with similar products:

1. Compared with similar products from other manufacturers, the Oasis has an atmospheric appearance and exquisite and beautiful processing technology;

2. With the same capacity isolator, the loading capacity of Oasis products can be 10-15% higher;

3. It has outstanding safety advantages. The outer door adopts a double-cylinder door lock, which is safer and more reliable than traditional manual doors and is easy to operate. The inner door is uniquely designed by an internationally renowned engineer with 3 safety devices, which are safe, reliable, and easy to use;

4. The unique butterfly brake device far exceeds other traditional brakes, which is safe, stable, and reliable;

5. The inner and outer cages adopt international advanced processing technology, which is beautiful and practical with high cleanliness;

6. In the case of the same capacity, the high speed of the ordinary isolator is generally below 600 rpm, while the high speed of the Oasis isolator can reach more than 650 rpm, which improves the drying rate of the fabric, shortens the washing time, and saves drying energy consumption in the later period;

7. It has ultra-high-speed, the moisture content after drying is 10-15% lower than other manufacturers;

8. The size of the inner door is larger than other manufacturers, the opening and closing is convenient, and the loading and unloading of linen clothes saves time and effort;

9. It adopts the world's first LED light source technology, and the washing process in the machine is clear at a glance.