How Can This Small Factory Achieve Outstanding Result With Minimizing Effort And Cost By Using Gas? (2)

Aug. 18, 2021

Mr. Yang has a good experience after using the Oasis equipment: For the Oasis washing machine, he told us that, this equipment has good stability and a top sealing plate design. It is also very clean after long-term use. Dehydration is very powerful. They tested the moisture content of the towel after dehydration of 60-62%, which effectively reduced the energy required for the later drying which is significantly lower the energy. The no-water distribution function effectively reduces the residual fluff after the linen is washed, and at the same time can save about 30% of water; the suspension design makes the high spinning particularly stable.

The Oasis infrared dryer has also become Mr. Yang’s favorite during the time. He said that the infrared dryer from Oasis has a loading door diameter of one meter, which is very convenient for workers to load. In his factories, the linen washed by the Oasis 100 kg washing machine can be directly put into the Oasis 100 kg infrared dryer for drying, which can achieve 1 to 1 washing and drying, and it can be dried within 45 minutes. The air consumption of a machine does not exceed 8 m³. Overall, costs for the gas usage of drying one kilogram of linen (price is 3.5 yuan per square meter) are less than 30 cents Chinese Yuan(air consumption is only about half of the latest industry. general steam dryer consumes approximately 2-3kg steam for one kilogram of linen). At the same time, in order to ensure safety during use, the Oasis dryer also adopts protective measures such as over-temperature protection, automatic spraying, automatic temperature adjustment in time intervals, ignition alarm, and concentration leakage detection, so as to ensure safe and reliable use. These safety measures also ensure the quality of linen drying. A professional infrared dryer must be safe as long as the combustion power is appropriate, the working environment is clean, the temperature setting is reasonable, and the operation specifications are safe. An infrared burner controls the temperature more accurately, it can guarantee the quality of the drying.

washing machine

The infrared ironing machine from oasis adopts a 10mm thick synthetic thick-walled design, which makes the roller wall better to stock the heat. The ironing roller undergoes dynamic balance correction, which can improve the ironing quality and the stability of high-speed operation. The process of the whole equipment is also very good, the whole computer is touched by one button so that the operation becomes simple and the control is precise. At present, our factory is using a 5-roller infrared ironing machine, which can iron the bedsheet about 40 meters per minute, and the quilt cover is around 20-30 meters per minute. The surface temperature of each roller is particularly set between 140-160. This is not to say that the infrared ironing machine can not reach a higher temperature, but after many comparison tests by Mr. Yang, this temperature is the value with the best ironing effect and the lowest energy consumption, because the temperature is too high for the linen will cause damage and unnecessary energy waste. If the temperature is too low, the best effect of flatness will not be achieved, and the speed cannot catch up. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best benchmark.

The first principle of washing is safety, and the nature of the cloth should not be affected by washing. Mr. Yang said: While washing the linen, we must pay more attention to the care of the linen. This requires us not to simply wash the linen, but also to protect the linen during the washing process, reduce the damage for linen, and extend the washing time of linen. We must ensure that the finishing of linen after washing is safe, energy-saving, and efficient. Whether it is a dryer or an ironing machine, there is a prerequisite, that is, the dewatering power of the washing machine is the prerequisite and the key, because only by reducing the moisture rate we can guarantee the high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-consumption operation of the back-end.

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Excellent quality, and lean management

 "Linen washing does not mean that you throw the linen into the machine and then wash it. There is actually a lot of knowledge here. The proportion of chemicals, the temperature setting, the washing time, and the quality of the equipment all directly affect the linen washing results. Quality. For linen quality, Mr. Yang has his own standards, not only visible cleanliness but also invisible durability. In this regard, the old customers who have cooperated with Mr.Yang for many years are quite touched: The same linen, washed by his laundry can be used even longer.

It is precisely by virtue of such good washing quality that Mr. Yang has the confidence to have an equal dialogue with customers. Mr. Yang said that he will not compete at low prices but will use quality to convince customers. One of the major factors in the reduction of the staff of his business is to reduce excessive "ineffective production time". For example, the work of turning quilt covers is basically done by rewarding the receiving and dispatching staff in the hotel, and the packing and shipping staff is completed by the receiving and delivering staff.

In addition to its own bottom-line principles in terms of quality, Mr. Yang also has his own uniqueness in terms of management. First of all, respecting and trusting employees, creating a pleasant working environment for employees, and providing employees with better welfare guarantees are one of the main reasons why there is almost no turnover in his factory.

Mr. Yang said: " The wages of employees in our factory are higher than those in other laundry factories. In addition, we have an extra bonus for workers in summer and winter. Whether high-temperature bonus or low-temperature bonus, they are not paid on a monthly basis, but on a daily basis and according to temperature. When the summer is the hottest, they can get a high-temperature fee of 80 yuan a day. We pay two or three times the basic salary for working on holidays and festivals, so everyone agrees with working on holidays.

Mr. Yang told us that “ the service from us is a little bit better, the washing quality from us is a little bit better, the price from us is a little higher, the profit of us is a little bit more, and the employee salary of us is a little higher than others.” These '5 little things' are the soul of building a successful laundry factory and harmonious development.