The Difference between Tunnel Washing Machine and Extraction Washing Machine

Nov. 17, 2020

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Commercial washing machines are generally classified into one of two categories: tunnel washing machines and extraction washing machines. Both of them can handle large amounts of clothing, but there are some key differences in how they work.

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The difference between tunnel washing machine and Extractor washing machine

Washer Extractor

Washer washing machines operate very similar to the top loaders you use at home, but they may be much larger than household washing machines. It uses a spin cycle to remove water from the laundry, but it does so at a much higher speed. They are used in small and medium laundry facilities.

Using centrifugal force, just like the gravity rides you find in an amusement park, the drum rotates and pushes the objects back so that they are close to the inside of the drum to extract water and detergent. Some models are too big for one person to stand inside the drum. 

The washing machine dehydrator is very efficient, but its measuring method is different from that of household washing machines. A typical washing machine extractor uses 3-4 gallons of water per pound of fabric. In the most efficient machine, only 2.5 gallons of water is required per pound of fabric.

Some washing machine extractors have a built-in recycling function that can reuse water. There are auxiliary systems available for devices that are not yet built in. If you add a space, it may become a problem.

For equipment that handles 800 pounds or less per hour, a washing machine extractor is a better choice. Compared with tunnel washing machines, they have less learning curve because they work like residential machines and require manual loading and unloading.

Washer Extractor


Tunnel washing machine

This type of washing machine is also called a continuous batch washing machine. They are one of the most expensive types of washing machines on the market and are usually only used in industries that need to handle large amounts of laundry.

Their construction is also different from standard washing machines. They have very long rooms with a series of compartments called pockets. The internal auger looks like a large bottle opener, which turns and pulls clothing through different pockets. The first pocket contains detergent and all used chemicals (bleach, disinfectant, etc.) that are mixed with water and dipped into the fabric. This is the washing cycle. When finished, the auger moves the fabric to the remaining pockets, and then rinses the fabric. After rinsing, the fabric is sent to the end of the tunnel, where it is bundled and compressed before being sent to the dryer.

Oasis tunnel washer uses two-thirds less water than washing machine pumps. However, they are usually only used in facilities that need to handle large amounts of laundry. Not only can they help reduce energy and water costs, but they also require fewer people to operate them, although those who do so need to be trained on how to use these devices because they are different from standard washing machines.

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