18-70kg PT Series Degrasing Dry Cleaning Machine

Oasis brand of PT - 1400 FZQ fur degreasing machine is according to the actual needs of domestic and international numerous fur manufacturers, after years of investigation and research, and also absorb the international technical essence such as Germany, Italy from the user demand and international industry the latest technology development trends as well as research of high performance, high reliability of automatic, fully enclosed environmental protection and energy saving fur degreasing machines to produced.


Product Details

Product introduction

The main characteristics of the machine are as follows.

1. The PT - 1400 FZQ dry-cleaning equipment, suitable for all kinds of skin and fur degreasing cleaning.

2.This machine is suitable for solvent tetrachloroethylene, skim decontamination capability, low cost of using.

3.Advanced large screen programmable intelligent computer control system with reliable, stable performance, perfect function.

4.High-quality stainless-steel structure (key parts also adopt high quality stainless steel); The key parts adopt International well-known brand.

5. The low temperature refrigeration recycling system with fully enclosed environmental economic, maximum condensate recovery to cleaning solvent.

6. Perfect safety device, the machine is equipped with various automatic safety protection alarm device.

7.The large volume of double distillation system, the four sets of distillation condenser, which significantly increase the speed of distillation.

8. Double oil-water separator to avoid the phenomenon of fur shrinking, which also protect energy and environment.

9. Intelligent frequency conversion speed regulation system which start working more smoothly.

10. Appearance of the high-grade quality, and professional graphic design.

11.The whole machine adopts high strength design, durable.

12. The main drive system adopts the most advanced international tapered transmission structure.

13. Using intelligent drying temperature control system, for different drying temperature needed for fur free adjustment, double duct recycling structure (the latest patent duct structure, original creation).

14. The Whole body with good sealing by using high temperature corrosion resistant seal material.

15. Equipped with advanced automatic plush cleaning system to avoid the artificial cleaning trouble.

16. Equipped with add soap liquid device, automatic control, and quantitative to add.

Technical Data

18-70kg PT Series Degrasing Dry Cleaning Machine