Washer Extractor Machine

What Is A Extractor Machine Laundry?

Extractor machine laundry run really comparable to the leading loaders you use in the house, yet they may be 30 times larger than family cleaning devices. It makes use of a spin cycle to remove water from the laundry, however it does so much faster. They are made use of in small and moderate washing facilities. Making use of centrifugal force, just like gravity amusement located in theme park, the drum rotates as well as pushes back the objects, making them close to the within the drum to remove water and detergent.

Application Scenarios of Extractor Machine Laundry

1. Low-cost laundry room, saving manpower.

2. Medical care cleaning, commercial laundry room.

3. Use in hotels, nursing homes or fire stations.

4. Industries that require large-scale washing such as industry and commerce.

Advantages of Extractor Machine Laundry

1.The inner and outer drums and flange shafts of extractor machine laundry are made of molds, and they are all made of 304 stainless steel.

2. Lightweight but strong internal structure, choose compact design, save more space.

3. Using the world's latest MFS suspension technology and DFW's professional electric balance shockproof technology, it can be installed in normal and unconventional positions to achieve automatic adjustment of unbalance and zero impact on the floor.

4. The extractor machine laundry can reach the maximum extraction speed quietly and easily, thus shortening the operation time, reducing energy consumption and labor costs.

5. The internal multi-directional spring system, extractor machine laundry can absorb 97% of the vibration.

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