100KG Energy Efficiency Axial Airflow Tumble Dryer HGZ-2000Z/RQ

1. Adopts advanced axial air inlet structure, high efficiency and energy saving.
2. Strong dual fan motors ensure stronger wind power and higher drying efficiency.
3. High efficiency and energy-saving automatic humidity detection avoids excessive drying and reduces static electricity. (Optional)
4. The drive motor and fan motor adopt dual frequency conversion drive, which saves energy, reduces noise and ensures more reliable performance.
5. The inner drum adopts durable non-marking spin-forming technology.
6. Double heaters with 304 stainless steel.
7. The outer drum is equipped with a high-efficiency protective insulation layer to save energy and reduce noise.
8. Cold air cooling device significantly reduces clothing wrinkles.
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Product Details

Product Description:

Model: HGZ-2000Z/RQ 

Product Parameter:

Capacity kg100
Cylinder Diametermm1460
Cylinder Depth mm1180
Heating Power kW/
Gas Inletinch3/4
Steam Inletinch1
Steam Outletinch2*1
Compressed air inlet* mm8
Motor 1 Power kW2.2
Motor 2 Power kW3
Fan Power kW1.5
Door Center to Floormm1303
Overall Width mm1647
Overall Depth mm1880
Overall Height mm2634
Net Weight kg1220
* Compressed air inlet only applies to steam heating models.

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